Explosion Proof Pressure Switch, Intrinsically Safe Pressure Switch, Incendive Pressure Switch


Hazardous Area Pressure Switches:

Kodiak Controls offers a wide variety of hazardous area pressure switches from multiple manufacturers.

  • Adjustable Set-Point

  • Fixed or Adjustable Deadband

  • Explosion Proof Enclosure

  • Ranges: 0-7500 psi

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Commonly used in hazardous areas where the chance of a spark can cause an explosion or fire. These pressure switches are adjustable and have many of the features of their industrial pressure switch counter parts. However, the housing is explosion proof rated allowing them to be placed in dangerous areas.


Manufacturers offered:

Ashcroft Hazardous Area Pressure Switches | Explosion Proof Barksdale Hazardous Area Pressure Switches | Explosion Proof  


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